Really. Think of everything you’ve already accomplished, whether you just graduated from high school, or you’re raising a family, or earning a living every day. Whether life’s been filled with hard knocks or high hopes, you’ve made it this far and you’re ready to start thinking about what’s next.

Maybe it’s right here. At Lenoir Community College, you can find a new start, start a new career, or just try out a few classes. Want to get into a new career as quickly as possible? A certificate program consisting of 15- to 32-credit hours can have you on the job within a year. We offer short-term skills certificates and professional certificates. Want vocational or technical training along with solid academics? An associate degree program with about 64 credit hours will prepare you for in-demand professions in fields such as business, health care, information technology, and more. Plan on earning a bachelor’s degree or higher? Two years of foundation courses at LCC will prepare you to transfer to nearly any four-year college in the nation and save you thousands of dollars too. Many associate degree programs also prepare you for transfer to related bachelor’s degree programs at four-year universities too.

Explore the LCC programs listed below for a career that fits your goals.

Areas of Study Credentials Offered Median Salary/Range
Accounting and Finance AAS, C $35,450-$49,870
Accounting and Finance – Accounting Essential C $35,450-$49,870
Accounting and Finance – Small Business Accounting C $35,450-$49,870
Accounting and Finance – Bookkeeping C $35,450-$49,870
Advertising & Graphic Design AAS $37,820-$75,720
Agriculture Education AAS $63,590-$108,160
Associate Degree Nursing AAS $64,760-$84,230
Associate in Arts AA $36,490-$76,260
Associate in Arts – Business Administration AA $53,990-$100,330
Associate in Arts – Teacher Preparation AATP $31,990-$79,350
Associate in Fine Arts – Music AFA-M $49,530-74,960
Associate in Fine Arts – Visual Arts AFA-V $36,490-$76,260
Associate in Science AS $50,010-86,070
Associate in Science – Engineering AS $60,940-$102,170
Associate in Science – Teacher Preparation ASTP $31,990-$79,350
Automotive Systems Technology AAS, D, C $31,680-$59,690
Aviation Management & Career Pilot Technology – Aviation Management AAS, D, C $139,500-$187,800*
Aviation Management & Career Pilot Technology – Pilot (Manned) AAS, D, C $157,801-$195,901*
Aviation Management & Career Pilot Technology – Pilot (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) AAS, D, C $58,646-$96,216*
Barber C $16,490-$57,500
Basic Law Enforcement Training C $51,420-$65,480
Business Administration – General Business Administration AAS, C $53,990-$100,330
Business Administration – Business Administration Essential C $53,990-$100,330
Business Administration – Entrepreneurship C $53,990-$100,330
Business Administration – Marketing Essentials C $48,940-$96,310
Cosmetology AAS, D, C $23,790-$48,470
Criminal Justice Technology AAS $48,200-$67,650
Culinary Arts AAS, D, C $46,670-$66,800
Dental Assisting – Collaborative program with Wayne Community College D $38,260-$48,980
Dental Hygiene – Collaborative program with Wayne Community College AAS $75,690-$82,210
Early Childhood Education AAS, C $40,840-$59,170
Early Childhood Education – Birth to Kindergarten (B-K) Licensure Transfer AAS $40,840-$59,170
Early Childhood Education – Early Childhood Preschool C $27,310-$35,600
Early Childhood Education – Early Education Non-Licensure Transfer AAS $40,840-$59,170
Early Childhood Education – Infant/Toddler Care C $37,000-$55,910
EKG Technician C $37,00 -$48,300
Elementary Education Residency Licensure C $50,300-$95,280
Emergency Management AAS, C $30,430-$41,600
Emergency Medical Science AAS, C $30,430-$41,600
Emergency Medical Science – Bridging AAS $30,430-$41,600
Esthetics C $44,589-$56,691*
General Occupational Technology AAS $28,790-$44,320
Graphic Arts & Imaging Technology AAS, C $39,820-$65,610
Gunsmithing D, C $39,807-$51,495*
Health Unit Coordinator C $82,000-$133,260
Healthcare Billing and Coding C $35,200-$46,140
Healthcare Management Technology – Collaborative program with Pitt CC AAS $82,000-$133,260
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning C $39,010-$57,720
Human Services Technology AAS, D, C $38,840-$64,750
Human Services Technology – Social Services Concentration AAS, D $51,700-$72,610
Industrial Systems Technology AAS, D, C $48,560-$70,090
Information Technology – Information Systems AAS, D, C $83,020-$129,330
Information Technology – Network Management AAS, C $95,350-$140,510
Medical Assisting AAS, D, C $35,240-$41,970
Medical Office Administration – General Medical Office AAS $34,530-$41,920
Medical Office Administration – Medical Administrative Assistant C $33,990-$46,860
Medical Office Administration – Medical Billing and Coding AAS $42,097-$49,515
Medical Office Administration – Medical Coding, Billing, and Insurance C $35,200-$46,140
Medical Office Administration – Medical Records C $36,260-$56,720
Medical Office Administration – Patient Services Representative C $34,530-$41,920
Medical Scribe C $23,130-$40,320
Medication Aide C $35,240-$41,970
Nail Technician C $23,790-$48,470
Notary Public C $40,168-$49,236
Nurse Aide C $27,930-35,970
Occupational Education Associate AAS, C $65,370-$106,950
Office Administration – General Office Administration AAS, C $47,274-$54,504
Office Administration – Legal Assistant AAS, C $41,180-$62,650
Office Administration – Office Administration C $33,990-$46,860
Office Administration – Office Management C $44,870-$70,330
Office Administration – Virtual Office C $33,990-$46,860
Pharmacy Technician C $32,500-$41,810
Phlebotomy Technician C $34,610-$42,520
Polysomnography AAS $53,668-$66,306*
Polysomnography – Transition AAS $53,668-$66,306*
Practical Nursing D, C $48,140-$58,520
Psychiatric Technician C $32,600-$40,610
Radiography AAS $50,890-$75,100
Real Estate C $34,620-$72,750
Surgical Technology AAS $42,430-$57,200
Sustainable Agriculture AAS, D, C $57,532-$88,986*
Truck Driving C $34,250-$44,860
Veterinary Assistant C $27,660-$36,420
Wastewater C $38,330-$53,920
Welding Technology AAS, D, C $38,690-$50,080


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Source: Salary information based on statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, using the 25% – 75% range of median salaries listed. Data was also used from,,,, (*), along with local employer information. Salaries will vary based on experience, education, and location.